Ek Aur Ek Gyarah: By Hook or by Crook

Not Rated 2h 24m 2003


While on his way to prison, a stray bullet hits dangerous crime boss Cobra, and petty crook siblings Tara and Sitara find themselves on the run from the police. But before long, the lucky brothers stumble upon the house of Major Ram Sing, a hard-as-nails Border Security Force officer, and to their surprise, they find love and a place to stay. As Tara falls for Ram's beautiful sister Pinki and Sitara falls in love with her best friend Priti, in the meantime, Cobra plans his next move, bent on getting his vicious brother Panther out of Ram Singh's jail. However, what happens if the brothers' deception comes to light? Can Tara and Sitara right the wrong and put Cobra and Panther behind bars once and for all?

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