The Devil's Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes

1h 48m 2022


A few weeks before the opening of the Eichmann trial, transcripts of recorded conversations that Adolf Eichmann had had with a Dutch Nazi journalist, Willem Sassen, were mysteriously handed over to prosecutor Gideon Hausner. The conversations were held a few years before Eichmann was brought to Israel by the Mossad. During the trial, Eichmann tried to convince the judges that he was only a bureaucrat who carried out orders, but in the transcripts Eichmann was found boasting and proud of his significant role in planning and executing the Final Solution. For the first time, we will confront Eichmann with himself in full color, revealing the hidden factors and motives that succeeded in hiding these recordings.

Starring: Eli Gorenstein Roy Miller

Director: Yariv Mozer

Genres: Documentary, Drama

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